• Qui ?

    Hébergé par le Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique-FNRS, le NCP-FNRS est Point de Contact National pour Horizon 2020, le Programme Cadre européen pour la Recherche et l’Innovation (2014-2020).

  • Pour qui ?

    Le NCP-FNRS vise à augmenter la participation et les chances de réussite des chercheurs des universités, des hôpitaux universitaires et des hautes écoles de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles à Horizon 2020.

  • Sur quoi ?

    Au sein d’Horizon 2020, le NCP-FNRS couvre le 1er pilier consacré à l’Excellence scientifique, le défi sociétal n°6 consacré à l'Europe dans un monde en évolution du 3ème pilier, le programme "la science avec et au service de la société" et les questions juridiques et financières.

  • Comment ?

    Le NCP-FNRS communique sur les appels issus de Horizon 2020 avec les chercheurs et les administrations de la recherche des universités qui les soutiennent, les assiste lors de la rédaction de propositions et relaie leurs problèmes auprès des instances européennes concernées.

HERA JRP IV Public Spaces: Culture and Integration in Europe
Belgium (FNRS) – Fédération Wallonie - Bruxelles



Project duration

The maximum amount of requested funding per project is 200.000 EUR for a total period of three years.

Eligibility of the proposal

Additional national eligibility criteria for the proposal beyond the general criteria in the Terms of Reference of the joint call

  • Basic research (low Technology Readiness Level) carried out in a research institution from the “Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles” (FWB)
  • The FNRS will not fund industrial partners or any activity related to the private sector.

Eligibility of applying scientists

The applicant must be affiliated to a research institution from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (FWB). The applicant should also:

  • Be a permanent researcher of F.R.S. - FNRS (Chercheur qualifié, Maître de recherches or Directeur de recherches) or;
  • Hold a tenure track position (or an assimilated position including pending tenure track) within a university from the FWB or;
  • Be a permanent research staff member of a federal scientific institution, the Royal Military School (Ecole Royale Militaire), or a research center in which case he can act as a co-promotor only (see appendix 1 of the PDR rules).

The applicant should not have reached retirement at the starting date of the project. If the applicant reaches the age of retirement in the course of the project, he should precisely describe in the proposal how the handover will be managed.

Eligible cost items

The following costs are eligible:

  • Personnel costs can be eligible up to 50,000 per year on average for the duration of the project.
    • The usual duration of ERA-NET research programmes is three years. However, when the project involves a PhD student, the principal investigator can apply for an additional one year funding in order to complete the four years PhD programme. This request should be submitted to FNRS six months before the end of the project, together with the written agreement from the "Comité d'accompagnement”. This final year should not be included in the budget submitted to this call.


    • The eligible categories of personnel are detailed below:



Half time

Full time

PhD Student



Non postdoctoral researcher



Postdoctoral researcher






Temporary postdoctoral researcher (CTP)



  • Equipment can be eligible up to 20% of the total budget of the project


  • Running costs: travel expenses; organisation of small scientific events in Belgium; consumables and the following support costs:
    • consumables
    • Publication Designing (conception d’ouvrage)
    • Dictionary Production (réalisation de dictionnaire)
    • Purchase of Books
    • Encoding
    • Software Access Rights
    • Congress Registration Fees
    • Purchase of Computer
    • Scanning
    • Travel costs
    • Visa costs
    • Open Access publication of an article up until 500 euros (see F.R.S.-FNRS Open Access policy)

Non-permissible costs

“Overhead” is not an eligible cost. If the project is selected for funding, these costs will be subject to a separate agreement between the institution of the beneficiary and the F.R.S.-FNRS.

Contact persons:

Please contact one of the persons below if you have questions regarding the above:
Joel Groeneveld: joel.groeneveld(at)frs-fnrs.be, 02 504 92 70
Florence Quist, florence.quist(at)frs-fnrs.be, 02 504 93 51

For more info on the call, http://heranet.info/hera-jrp-iv-public-spaces-culture-and-integration-europe